Busy Christian,

You need to rest.

What if the answer to your stressed-out, hurried life is hiding in plain sight in the first few pages of your Bible? Discover how to transform your life by resting God’s way in this easy step-by-step guide. No religion, just Bible.

The Question That Can Radically Change Your Life

What if the answer to your stressed-out, hurried life is hiding in plain sight in the first few pages of your Bible?

If you are stressed out, too busy, and want more time to foster deeper relationships with God, your spouse, and your family, you need Sabbath rest.

If you’ve tried everything else but have never tried the Bible’s solution to your busy problem, now is the time.

Try keeping Sabbath God’s way for 30 days, giving you four Sabbaths of rest.

Each day you will read a Bible verse and a short reading and complete an assignment.

In only 30 days, you can radically transform your life, relationships, and faith walk with Jesus.

In the 30-Day Sabbath Challenge, You’ll Discover:

  • What the Bible says about how to do Sabbath.
  • How easy Sabbath can be, even in today’s culture.
  • Practical tips on clearing your Saturday schedule.
  • Ideas of how to eat well but cook less on Sabbath.
  • Easy ways to prepare so Sabbath is never a burden.
  • Why Sabbath is so important for your well-being.
  • How to intentionally use Sabbath to spend more time with God.
  • Practical ideas for drawing closer to those you care about.
  • Tips for enjoying Sabbath, even (and especially) in the hard times.
  • Most of all, how doing the Sabbath is living out the Gospel of Jesus.

30-Day Sabbath Challenge is the path to a win-win, where you don’t have to choose between your own well-being and making time for God and family.


Sabbath gives you time for rest, God, and family. It’s the whole package.

How would it feel to have a guilt-free day off from work, chores, errands, shopping and, most of all, worry? And to fully rest in your trust that God will take care of your material needs while you honor Him by taking Saturdays off?

If your life is filled with stress, dread of work, and chores, with no time for God and family, this message is for you.

Nobody wants to sacrifice relationships with God and family, ruin their mental health, and face burnout in the everyday, nonstop busyness of life. But when you look at divorce rates, lack of time reading the Bible, and poor well-being of Christians, you can see that running your life the world’s way is a high price to pay.

But your life doesn’t have to be so busy. And you don’t have to run your life the way the world expects you to.


What is the secret to real rest?

The answer is in your Bible.

Are you sacrificing your relationships with God and family for work, chores, errands & sports? Are you too busy to read your Bible?


This book is for you.

Some principles of 30-Day Sabbath Challenge


Sola Scriptura

Scripture is the only source of truth and instructions by which to live. We are not bound by the traditions of men.


Gospel Centered

I live and breathe and rest well because Jesus died and rose from the dead.  The Gospel is the focus of my life and this book.


Obey God

God is smarter than we are. We should obey Him. Plus, He created us and redeemed us through Jesus. Obedience is the fruit of salvation.


Blessings Will Come

God loves and wants to bless His people and gives us things that are good for us, like the Sabbath.


Change Takes Time

Changing your schedule and mindset takes time. That’s why this is a thirty-day challenge. It guides you slowly and gently.


You Need Practical Help

You won’t get just theory, but real, actionable tips and ways to keep Sabbath. Implementation is easy.

About the Author

Amy Kay Guenther

Amy Kay Guenther spent her childhood attending a Baptist church and school and most of her adult life at a non-denominational church until several years ago. Both churches taught her the Gospel of grace by faith through Jesus and the authority of Scripture. Several years ago, she started keeping the seventh-day Sabbath. She’s not Jewish, Seventh-Day Adventist, Mormon, or anything with a name. She simply deeply loves Jesus and desires to walk like Him in every way. She fellowships and worships with other believers on Saturdays. She believes all Scripture is useful for instruction and that we are saved by grace through faith in the work of Jesus on the cross.

Who is this Book For?

Working Moms & Dads

If you’re working and parenting, you’re likely exhausted. Both jobs are draining.


Stay-at-Home Moms & Dads

Yes, even with diapers and feeding children, you can and should take a Sabbath break.


Retired & Elderly

Even if you’re retired, it’s important to set one day aside for the special purpose of resting.


College & Young Adult

If you’re studying or just starting a career, you need to stop one day a week.


Teens & Children

Sabbath is for all ages. Teens and children need a break from school and chores.


All of Humankind

Jesus told us that Sabbath is for man. Not just for some men but for all men. If you’re human, you need to rest one day a week.


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©2023 Amy Kay Guenther

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